Jenny Goring

The Gifts She Gave to Herself (2018)

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This is a detail from a recent Collage-Painting I created, telling my own story. After a lifetime of being an Artist on the inside, I finally focused on it professionally in starting in 2018. This piece entitled "The Gifts she Gave to Herself" is based on that story. On the left (the beginning of the story) You'll see muted beauty behind my hand and animals bound to the ground. As you move across this story, you will see an explosion of energy in bright colors, bold flowers and flying creatures. Finally, on the right, a butterfly lands in my other hand. The message is that I finally let go of all this wonder inside of me and let it out into the world to find that I was the one who benefitted the most from all the effort it required. I was the greatest recipient of this gift.

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