James Berry

Felt-Tip Marker

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I started with the letters in the scene. I was challenged to make a piece that would get printed on a Risograph printer at The New School. I wanted my piece to feature two prominent colors because I wanted to duo-print the piece in the end.

Risograph printers print images one color at a time, so that there are beautiful mixtures of colors produced when you reprint on the same paper multiple times.

I added models from Maya's default human scans into the space and my letters became a bench or rest area immediately after. The scene is about two "markers" who paint their surroundings in their respective colors and then sit down to have a lovely chat.

I took a poll with my instagram audience to choose the two colors I would have in the digital rendering of this piece. The colors were then separated in Photoshop by channel and hue to produce two different grayscale images. I fed them both one by one into the Risograph for the colors Cornflower, and Red, the resulting print had some offset overlap so it looked 3D! Like the kind you see in movies, or with 3D glasses! The anaglyph kind of 3D. It was a super cool experience. I would upload those final pics but I guess I'm not a pro yet? This is all so new to me. Follow me on instagram for when I pose this image there too, @jwb_instagram.

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