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Recently I had the pleasure to work with the guys from Giggable on a side project. The platform helps clients to grow their business, scaling their team quickly. Also enabling senior developers, PMs and designers moonlighters to focus on their craft.

I worked with the team at Giggable to help elevate their brand and completely reimagine their online presence. The aim was to represent the collaboration between the three disciplines that are necessary to create valuable products (engineering, management and design), using three different, but similar shapes to create the "G" of Giggable.

Giggable covers the entire experience. From the "Gig" creation, on-boardings, timesheets, comms, payments and invoicing, everything is managed through the platform.

We focused on differentiating the experiences for Clients and Professionals while maintaining a consistent and scalable approach. I took advantage of Google Material Design and I designed a Design System in Figma and Storybook with a set of components and states that is now the backbone for the whole product.

My Role:
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Tone of Voice
Product design

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