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We came across a project Hostop which is the concept of creating an app which provides the facility of booking an appointment with a doctor, chatting with the hospital.
We were facing a host of issues in several different areas but with strong B2C Info solutions developer team, we developed a user-friendly app which is the self-explanatory app and that meets the goals while offering a more streamlined experience for potential patients. We came up with the Android and IOS Applications by covering the 3 panels.

Some of its Features

Fully responsive, It gives screens more liquidity and thus can be adjusted to suit different formats and various screen sizes and easy-to-use by prospects .
Overhauling app with a new design that matched the energy and modern essence of Hospot’s brand by providing transparency and reliability.
Building App architecture by bringing more tangible interactions like titling, shaking and flipping into play, which allow the app to respond to position, direction, and environment of the device and trigger some action.
Mobile Content Management solutions by optimizing bandwidth usage and delivering the content reliably.

With all this features list the design and look of the app got never diminished.
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