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Aspernatur Vintage Family Typeface

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Hello. We are proud to present to you all the Aspernatur Vintage Family Typeface. Aspernatur is a vintage display font, inspired by a book that was made around the late 1800s. The design is very simple, but still presents an ornamental element on each character of this font.

Aspernatur is a font family consisting of 10 styles:

WUB-Aspernatur Condensed
WUB-Aspernatur Semi Condensed
WUB-Aspernatur Normal
WUB-Aspernatur Regular
WUB-Aspernatur Medium
WUB-Aspernatur for Bold
WUB-Aspernatur Semi Bold
WUB-Aspernatur Demi Bold
WUB-Aspernatur Ultra Bold
WUB-Aspernatur Extra Bold

With this family, you have many font choices for your design needs. You can combine one style with another style. This font has the Uppercase and Lowercase Alternative features. Which you can combine both also in a series of words or sentences.

By the way, the Aspernatur Vintage Family Typeface is also a font created in the Variable Font version. Which you can adjust the font width as you like. Besides Variable Fonts, Aspernatur Vintage Family Typeface also has a Webfont version for your website needs. For more details, you can see the product specifications.

We also provide a lot of bonus graphics in this package. There are several badges and icons that you can use for your design needs.

We don't want to have much description. Please buy the Aspernatur Vintage Family Typeface.

Good Luck, Stay Gold, and

Thanks. Wubstd.

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