George Tudose

Atmosphere Logo - Bottled Water brand

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ATMOSPEHERE is a brand of non-carbonated mineral water, distributed in 0.5 liters bottles. With the awareness of the need to reduce the use of plastic, we chose to use a recyclable material - glass. Revaluation and recycling are the keywords. Glass is a durable material that can be used numerous times. Storing water in a glass container brings benefits, including the risk of water contamination with chemicals found in plastic. The turquoise color is used both on the bottle label and on its lid. Turquoise represents energy, coolness, and calm. The shades of this color are often associated with water, being also referred to as "aqua" and "aquamarine". The shape of the glass offers a premium look and can be paired with an accessory. At the same time, it contributes to an excellent grip, with high comfort.

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