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I sleep like everyonе

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Project on behance
I sleep like everyone. A pillow under my back, one leg on the floor, my head hanging from the bed, my mouth open and if was flying swifts fly in my room, one morning I would definitely wake up with a nest in my mouth. I really like to take cover in the summer in the morning, some lightweight blanket brought from India, because even after many washes, it retains the smell of turmeric, incense and something else. Take cover in an early summer morning, grab a blanket, twist it, squeeze it with gams, just when the dreams are gaining strength and accelerate more and more. As if to prepare for something inevitable, but pleasant and very powerful. So what is all this for? The main thing at this moment is to leave your feet open! So that, if God forbid, the alarm rings, or the doorbell rings, or the phone will bug out, reboots itself and leaves the silent mode, and will tear you out of a dream in which a vital event took place – to stop the irritants with an easy movement !!! And thanks to the open feet that remain, for some time in a dream, even when you woke up, calmly continue your journey and see how it all ends!!

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