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Daily UI #023 - Onboarding

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Day: 023 - Onboarding
The concept of “onboarding” has been on my radar since I was young, but I just didn’t know it.

Once I got my hands on the original NES I was hooked, I had to try all the games I could. However, for each game, there was always a different set of controls, so I always had to do or watch another tutorial. Over time these tutorials (or onboarding sessions) got more and more sophisticated and perfected over the years. It was intriguing to observe and participate in that process. Now when I start up a new game, I curiously await to discover what the onboarding process will be.

Using my years of experience playing video games, and my years of experience as a Visual Designer, this is what I came up with for today’s challenge. This experience would live in the Educational Technology Industry and would demonstrate to a User how to properly take an online course. My main goal was to create a user experience that was as efficient and informative as possible. I hope I succeeded!

Also, the dark gradients I intended to display in the export weren't behaving properly. Alas, I sort of like the effect that it created, so here we are.

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