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Colloquium Evening School Branding

What's going on today? Life flies very fast. Half the time a person sleeps, the other half spends at work. Finding time to study is not so easy. We need a push.

Our strategy is simple and clear. The Colloquium encourages new knowledge. We motivate and charge with a positive attitude.

We took the time to learn, and that's how our slogan was born: Learning is never too late!

Colloquium is a new generation evening school in Kharkiv, where the best university teachers of Kharkiv read interesting and useful courses.

Colloquium takes only good from university education. First of all — selected teachers, whose lectures you tell your friends. They are infectiously captured by subjects and interesting interlocutors.

One of such teachers is Philippe Philippovich — our live logo with long moustaches, clever eyes hidden behind glasses and a very long beard. It is the embodiment of all our teachers.

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Maxim Limansky, thank you for the logo animation!

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