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Hands Up Logo

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This is part of a fun project I have been working on with a new band, Hands Up. I was hired to create their logo, as well as album art, and I can finally share as they dropped their music.

My concept for the logo was to create an icon that played off the name and the visuals that came to mind and that would also look great on merch.

I created several roughs on my iPad (visible in attachments) before creating the final art in Illustrator. I also created a few alternate versions, one of which is visible here, but the band liked the energy of the rough lines and thought it better fit what they wanted to reflect their music.

I've had a blast working with them, they are very talented and know what visuals they want, which is nice. Also, their music is great too, which doesn't hurt.

Should be working on more stuff for them, merch and illustrated album covers, so more to come...

Check them out if you're interested:

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