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IF - Style Exploration 02

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Hello all,

Since you mentioned you would like to see the full design of the "IF" project. Here it is. Check the gallery or downloads section to see full pixels.

This is a different layout and style we explored to better depict and showcase all the functions "IF" offers to their users.

About the project
This was an intriguing project, as it proposed some interesting problems to solve. Especially if you consider that it was a new industry for us, and a new company with a proven track record and a successful website.

"IF" is a company formation service helping business owners to create and establish entities across the states.

But, as you all know, some projects end up well, while others tend to fade away. To keep the long story short, we weren't able to successfully set up a working process from the get-go and after a few months of work, both parties agreed to discontinue the partnership.

From a design perspective, I felt like we were on the right track, hence I'm sharing some of the screens created during the style exploration process.

It's just a simple lander explaining the service in more detail.


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