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Illustration - Financial discipline starts with small steps

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13. Financial discipline starts with small steps.
Vector Illustration Steps Program, BCR Bank

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I was hired as a Creative designer to develop a 6 steps story/map along with 25 illustrations to explain the BCR bank new "Scoala de bani" program.

BCR's new program called "Scoala de Bani" aims to teach people and new employers how to better manage their finances, how they can put money away, how to invest in business, pensions, medical insurance , how to have a better work / life balance, how not to throw money on things you do not need.

After receiving all BCR brand materials and all the information about the "School of Money" program, I had to develop 6 stickers that trigger an AR story.
The story explains in six steps what are the steps for financial understanding.
- Step 1 - What kind of spender are you?
- Step 2 - Where does all your money go?
- Step 3 - You are now ready to make better decisions.
- Step 4 - Get ready for the unexpected!
- Step 5 - Financial discipline begins with small steps.
- Step 6 - The end. You're set for success now.

Each step has 4-5 different illustrations meant to describe what will happen in the "School of Money" program.

My role- Art Director / Vector Illustrator, Storyboard
Develop the storyboard based on all the information and respecting the BCR brand book.
Developing and designing all 6 Stickers of the 6 steps and 25 illustrations that explain the program, how it works, what you will learn, and make the user understand what he/she will get out of this.

I chose to go with a fun style, a combination of modern and "messy", this was meant to make it fun, easy to understand and not scary. I have chosen to balance the seriousness of the subject in a catchy way so everyone can relax and learn at the same time.

For the 6 steps, I have chosen to develop a cool, young, novice, but eager to learn guy, Dan. Put him in all type of situations and change his attitude and "level" as he conquers another step.

Will be uploading all the illustrations.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
You can find the story in indexAR app, at the learning section - BCR, Scoala de bani.

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