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Business Card Mock Up

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As we continue to advance further into the digital realm, the need for printed marketing is reducing. Digital forms of communication are progressively more in-tune with our online habits; from what we choose to watch to what we buy, we are continuously being shown what we "want". And scarily, these predictions are generally on-point.

Even so, we have not fully transitioned to a solely digital space, and when it comes to compact, cost-effective marketing tools, the humble business card still tops the list for valuable collateral, whether you are a freelancer, part of an established company, or an emerging start-up. An attractive and easy to digest business card can attract the attention of a prospective client or customer, sparking that first or return contact. With this in mind, having a sleek business card is a must. These business card templates are aimed to make your business or client stand out from the crowd through a clean black and white and minimalist aesthetic.

The specifics This pack boasts an on-trendn layout with the use of well-padded spacing and a compelling serif typeface (The mocked up typeface is not included in the package but can be replaced with the serif of your choice, the Google Font Spectral comes to mind as a suitable replacement). If extra detail is needed to take the business cards to the next level, embellishments can be added to the design via the printing process.

The pack includes an easily editable Adobe InDesign file, which contains 4 different design styles and layouts. All templates are print-ready, so download, fill-in your details and adjust the styles as needed to deliver a compelling business card.

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