I occasionally still enter contests on 99d, which I consider the logo designer's equivalent of sudoku. Your time is limited, and donated, so the value is in pushing yourself.

Anyway, I made this one for a company that sells vegetable seeds harvested in the Himalayas. The name of the company is taken from the local word for a mountain goat (I've changed the title to protect the company, which eliminated my entry within hours of its submission). I went for an ibex head-and-horns shape that was also a stepped mountain valley. The corkscrew nature of the horns reminds me of the plant tendrils you'd find on many vegetable varieties, too. I also built a custom wordmark that mirrored the shape repeated in the logo (which was used directly as a lower case r).

Not gonna win any trophies, but it's so fun to make myself work too fast once in a while, with no real stakes.

Posted on Aug 16, 2019
Mitch Baker
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