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Libya Tells is a project that I have been working on for a while, It tells stories about Libya, the people who live in it, the beautiful places it has, and the antiquities that are in it.

Today, the name of Libya has become synonymous with the war in the minds of many people in the world, not only foreigners who have that image.

Some of the Libyans, especially the young ones, have caused them a desperate situation and a good number of people have begun to think about leaving the country.

Through this project, I will try to clarify that Libya has not always been synonymous with war, Throughout history, it has always been a welcoming place for different civilizations and lived on it's land great souls still mentioned so far

In short, through this project, I will try to make the past able to give hope for the future of this place

So guys, stay tuned for the updates!

The project includes materials from the site of history of libya

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