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Soly is a brand of handmade soaps. They have no chemicals and are produced with natural ingredients. Besides being natural and handmade they're also vegan.

They contacted me to design their logo and one requirement was they didn't want the logo to be directly associated with soaps. The reason why is that in the future they may want to produce other products. So having a logo that represents the brand and not the product itself was the goal.

Option 1 - Flower top view + S.

Option 2 - The brand name Soly + leaves.

Option 3 - A flower + bubbles. The meaning behind the flower is the representation of nature. As for the bubbles they represent the fragance of the products.

Option 4 - Branch of magnolia flowers. Through my research i found out that magnolia flowers represent the love of nature.

Which option is your favourite? 💭 Comment down below ⬇️

Have a great week ✌

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