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Hi there folks,

For the past few months, we worked closely with the Assembly Payments team to completely redefine their online presence.

This is one of the homepage versions we created using slightly different typography and custom imagery. What do you think of this font family for titles?

We helped them define a new visual language, create a new website and build it out using Webflow.

Assembly Payments is an Australian based tech company striving to simplify and unify commerce experience. They provide multi-faceted payment capability, giving your customers a seamless way to pay and get paid. Basically, a better way to run your commerce service.

Our role
We were tasked to take the current website and visualize a new direction for the brand. In the process modernizing and unifying the whole visual language by introducing a completely refreshed color scheme, typography system, and design treatment.

With the help of the Assembly team, we completely restructured the navigation, page-to-page communication, and overall information architecture.

The goal was to deliver a friendlier digital experience for their customers, as well as tie in all the pages within a singular and unique design language that is the new Assembly Payments.

You can check them live at:

The final product has been slightly overhauled to accommodate some of the client requirements.

Also, a cleaner representation of our vision might be found in the attachments.

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