Brand Process: Moodboards

Alright, guys here is a peek into how I approach a branding project.

I start with a little brand discovery to find out what the brand is and what the identity is trying to convey. During the discovery, WE (it's a collaboration remember) land on 5 adjectives that define the brand's personality. For Rewind Coffee (the example) it was Artistic, Welcoming, Refined Nostalgic, and Fun. Using this process I have found that it starts to remove SOME of the subjectivity of the visual creative process. You can always point back to the brand personality and ask your collaborator, "Is it artistic, welcoming, refined, nostalgic or fun?" hitting at least 3-5 is a good way to maintain brand integrity.

Once we agree on the adjectives, I use them as a visual inspiration and create (pending on budget) 3 moodboards to set the tone and direction of the brand. Always including the brand personality to help anchor the design.

Then I present the boards with a slide before the boards stating what I heard to ensure that we are on the same page. Once the boards are approved I begin developing the actual logo. This process has yet to fail me, so I hope it can help you.

I am always tinkering with this process, moodboards, mockups etc. I would love to hear from you guys. Let me know if this is helpful and if you want more content like this.

Bryce Reyes
Brandesingustrator (official title)

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