Hiring Front-End Developer/Designer


NameMedia presents an incredible opportunity for a local front end designer/developer. I've been here for 8 months, and I would highly recommend you give us a look. Don't bother looking at the sites now - they are ancient, and there's a large effort to revisit nearly everything from the ground up. It's a great time to get in and be involved in this massive undertaking.

We are working on redesigning Afternic and coming up on the end of the project, and need more hands on board to help. Then, you will be in at the start of the next large redesign, which promises to be very exciting. Trust me, you won't be working on the old sites - we're doing new and cutting edge projects with an engaged, positive and future-minded crew.

Nobody is afraid to try something new, and great ideas are valued. Check out our most recent launch, http://www.namefind.com/ , to get an idea of how the current team works.

Check out the job listing at:

Contact us/send a resume to:

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