DeviantArt Redesign Concept

Just me who thinks that deviant art feels a little expired? I felt that I had to fix something that feels a little more up to date. And there are many little features that I want to tell you about that is not visible in the image. Be sure to check out before complaining on the design.

Instead of DeviantArt scales the thumbnails automatically there will be a separate field for uploading a thumbnail with a predetermined fixed size. This way the screenshots looks more attractive.

The pagination for the deviants view uses ajax to call next page without refreshing the url. The shots loads one by one. In this way it feels that you just slide through the pages. So instead of using the old click pagination you have a slider on the bottom of the page where you can slide to the page you want to view. On OSX you can just slide left or right (prev / next) on the mouse to cycle through pages.

When a user uploads a deviant with a file attached it will be shown in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail. Zip, Rar, PSD, AI and more.

This is what I can say for now. I didn't come up with more features for now. If you have more or better ideas, please write them down here!


This is only what I want and there is a LOT more to do than what I did here. This is like a beta concept so don't complain on that please.

OBS! I forgot to add wich user added the deviant in the description box of the screenshots.


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