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Azerbaijan Travel

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Would you like to have the perfect trip planned based on your interests and budget? Or see all the secret spots and sacred traditions of the country that you plan to visit? You'll get it all with one site.

Incode Group participated in a tender from the Ministry of Tourism of Azerbaijan, creating their new branded site to promote tourism in the country. Through methodical research and user stories, we've accounted for all difficulties that travelers face.

To solve them, we've developed intuitive and beautiful UI/UX as well as a visual style that represents the country's lush nature. We've created a photo and 360° gallery featuring mountains, meadows, valleys, and cities all over Azerbaijan. One of the site's key features is the ability to create an individual route for your trip based on your interest, the number of people going, etc.

By bringing all necessary aspects of travel to one site, we’ve made the design of a one-stop hub for trips to Azerbaijan. Users won’t have to switch tabs all the time or google details about the country, all of that is presented right away.

Photo by Aleksey Lyokin

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