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The days of are young. I proposed an experiment. In 3 hours update ADN's image.

I decided needed to represent a new horizon. A renewal from the ashes of a smoldering developer ecosystem. It must stand firmly for it's customers, burning brightly through the dark sky of perilous social platforms.

I named it Phoenix.

Phoenix is a place for creativity. Ideas take flight as members fan the flames of discussion.

Each voice constitutes a Spark. Words express fragile ideas.

Phoenix is that place.

It's the warm, glowing consciousness that lives at the center of our social networks. It's the source; the center.

Instead of "Post", we should use "Spark."

"Spark me."
"I love to Spark at 2am."
"I'll give you a huge if you re-Spark my last message."

A Spark is a piece of your mind; an outward communication hoping for connection.

Great Sparks eventually Ignite. Those Sparks pass through the entire network, inspiring people around the world.


I am currently working on designs for both a Mac and iOS client. These will be open to anyone willing to build them. It is my wish for Dalton to take these ideas and run with them.

I am designing features that I wish Twitter would have. For example:
- a Tagging system where I can tag tweets and find them later
- More robust searching / history
- Social map showing who's seen and interacted with my Sparks

Phoenix, OS X (open menu)
Phoenix, OS X (closed menu)
Phoenix, OS X basic PSD

Silly or not, I wanted to help :)

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