App Concept: colorrrs for iPhone


This tiny concept is inspired by Jamie Brittain's beautiful and amazing 'colorrrs' website.
You didn't hear about it yet? Check it out:

Colorrrs is a script generating random colors and displays them in the full browser window, including the color's hex-code.

Does this make sense?

In my opinion:
Yes, it does make sense!
With colorrrs you can just have fun finding some neat colors for your next project.

But what use would that be on the iPhone?

I thought about an app with more than just a generate-function.
What the app should mainly do is the following:
1. Random function (see this large version - showing a tiny tutorial screen)
2. Library function (select your favorite colors and save them)
3. Palette function (create color-palettes)
4. Copy-to-Mac / PC function (like it's used in PasteBot)
5. Much much more!

I will keep you posted on this stuff.
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