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Palheiro Alto | Logo Design

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Palheiro Alto is a vacation house available for renting. It has a modern and classy environment but a vintage feel at the same time. Its located in a calm rural area surrounded by nature.

The client reached out looking for help to design a logo that could represent the house and its surroundings.

All of the 3 options above have something in common, a house and a tree inside a circle.

Option 1 - a house with a sharp inclined roof ( just like the real house). The tree inside represents the pine trees around but also the high end wood details the house has. The ground represents the nature and the land in that area.

Option 2 and 3 - both of these options have a tree and a house combined. In the 2nd option the roof has the same shape as the tree branches while the 3rd option has a more inclined traditional roof.

I decided to go for the circle around the logo to represent the cozy and warm environment of Palheiro Alto.

My favourite is option 1. Which one is your favourite? Let me know down below 🤔💭

Have a good week ✌

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