Grandma Jankica, fantastic stories drawing, outsider artwork

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cardboard 100x70 cm.
There are reasons I don't want to explain to you, and for which I will tell you this story. Suffice it to say that the kind of information that will read you is not for everyone's ears, I believe you will not use it for bad purposes. In case of misuse, you will be badly beaten.
I belong to the genus Woody Puppets, quite numerous in the Magic Valley. I was born in Puppetcity, from my father a traditional medicine doctor (herbal and energy treatment) and my mother Major Readers of phenomena. I spent my childhood normal, shaping my body into the shape I wanted, like all dolls. Wandering aimlessly and observing the relation of thought - matter, it was my favorite pastime as a little doll. On one occasion I was helping my father collect herbs on the clearings around Puppetcity. My father (who didn't talk much) suddenly started talking about topics he didn't want to answer before and I remembered his words forever:

"My little one, there are inexhaustible ... find out a lot more about Grandma Jankica at lutakzvonko.blogspot.com

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