I have a dribbble invite and I'm having a giveaway for it. The deadline for this competition is Saturday, September 1st, and I'll announce the winner by the morning of Monday, September 3rd. Here are the guidelines:

1. Create a shot (400x300px) that showcases your best work and also what will be expected in your future shots. Please e-mail this shot to me at

2. Make sure you have a prospect account. If you don't, I can't invite you. You can also follow me, so I can easily find your prospect account. However, I am not basing my decision on who follows me or likes more of my work, so please don't think that will get you the invite.

3. Feel free to include any portfolio sites or extra work in the e-mail. Your shot is still the number 1 factor, and your portfolio work will be used only in a tiebreaker situation.

4. Have fun! I'm not just looking for skill, but also creativity.

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