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Logo redesign for Australian agriculture, agronomy, livestock company. This is the first round of mock-ups.

The photograph is one they plan to use for aspects of marketing, so felt this made a good backdrop for our first attempt at a new logo for them.

Main focus was on creating a standalone initial mark, so finding a strong typeface that was suited to their line of work without being too cool or trendy was paramount.

Ultimately needed to be pretty down-to-earth, but not dull.

Really happy with the type choice which is Eagle Bold with some shape tweaks and using Effra Regular for the ampersand. As usual the ampersand can make quite a solid focal point, but without having it take all the focus, so a much lighter weight was used as well as making it a little smaller as a way to put it in it's place, so to speak.

Blue and yellow are their existing brand colours, but I have darkened them both in these examples.

What I like about creating this simple container is that the yellow flash makes for quite a distinctive feature, as well as the blue/yellow combo reflecting the sky and ground/crop link.

We can then simplify this for a favicon as seen on the attachments, and it still retains the overall brand look even though it's now just the letter B.

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