Civic Innovation Lab

Civic Innovation Lab was a project that I have fallen in love with and devote more time to each week. I redesigned the website, made it mobile friendly, built a custom WordPress template and code to manage projects and we're just getting started.

Civic Innovation Lab are matching Startup people (Digital Professionals) with Nonprofits to help build defined projects at Internet scale.

So many tech friends want to help good causes but don't know how to go about it - Well, here is an awesome way to get started and #TechForGood ;D

They are starting out their program in LA, so if you are a Product Manager, Designer, Developer, Social Media Manager, Strategist, Marketer, then lots of amazing nonprofits and Civic Tech offices need you! Join Pro Bono Tech today 👇

"Pro Bono Tech bridges the digital divide between the tech and public interest sectors by bringing together teams of digital professionals to offer their skills on projects for local nonprofit organizations."

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