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Daily ZODIAC Sketch - #6 - Gemini

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Daily [ZODIAC] Sketch 6 (and Daily Sketch 21)

Gemini: May 21st - June 20th × Air × The Twins

Half-way through! Lemme tell you, side profiles are super tricky for me. I’m much more comfortable with front portraits. Had to sketch this sketch (lol) a lot of times and use references. Might be a signal that I need to practice more 😅 It also spawned a lot of different ideas of how I could handle it, which definitely makes me want to do another set of Zodiacs after this one!

As I made my way through the inking, I got some Poison Ivy vibes, so I, of course, had to change their skin green 🌿🍀🌳🌱💚 (And yes, you can bet your ass that I’m going to do a Marvel and DC comic sketch series like the geek-nerd that I am!)

I’m also gonna have to wait a couple of evenings to jump back onto the next one, Cancer, due to events and projects, but hopefully, I won’t be too delayed!

See the black and white version, plus close ups on my Instagram

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