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PassionKu - Case Study Design

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Hello dribbblers! This time I collaborated with @Fauzan Ardhiansyah as illustrator :D

Website Description :
PassionKu is a service that helps someone to find and develop his passion in the IT field

Background Problems :
Passion is an important thing to achieve our goals. We can more maximize our work if it is in accordance with passion. According to Ridwan Kamil, "Good work and fun is a hobby paid for". However, the problem that often occurs is when someone chooses resign from his job because he feels he is not in accordance with his passion. The reason for this is because he does not yet know more potential in him so he does not adjust to his work

Solution :
Therefore, a website is needed that can help someone find the direction of his passion

Objectives of Website Users :
The target of our website users is someone who hasn't found it the direction of his passion, especially for those who have an attraction to IT field

Our Features :
1. Test Passion
2. Course
3. Community
4. Portfolio
5. Distribution of Work
6. Team Building

The Full Explanation Here

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