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  1. Jeremy Olson Jeremy Olson

    Grades won an Apple Design Award so this is tough but we've decided to completely redesign it, expanding the scope of the app from just grades to class management.

    The trick is to maintain the simplicity of the first version while adding core functionality. This is going to be fun!

    Please comment on the overall theme shown in this shot.

    Theme redesign was led by Christain Billings - please, someone with an invite needs to get him on here, he's awesome:


    over 1 year ago

  2. Bill Labus Bill Labus

    I really like where it's headed- the lighting effects in particular are very well done. My notes:

    - Perhaps some more definition around the UI elements would help. Right now, the shadows and lighting are softly blended, which provides a very natural look, but at the same time causes some of the elements to blend into each other (the navigation bar and the background, for instance). So on the navigation bar for example, perhaps experiment with some solid or near-solid border at the bottom edge, and maybe a subtle reflected light toward the bottom edge as well, to set it off of the tableview background a bit better.

    - The style of on the navigation bar button seems a bit forced. I might try going with a style closer to the iOS default, which is a more 'sunken-in' look, but of course keeping the wood texture bleeding through the button. But perhaps try a slightly thinner border around the button, so it feels more integrated with the bar.

    - I like the font choice for the table view rows, however I'm not sure about the font on the navigation bar title and button- it's definitely a tad too small (in both instances), and while Helvetica Bold is not technically a 'physical' match for the skeuomorphic style you've got, it nevertheless seems to work really well in navigation bars, no matter the bar style.

    Overall, I really like it. As I said, the lighting effects are fantastic, and you get that solid and 'weighty' feel from the UI.

    Really nice job Christian!


    over 1 year ago

  3. Jeremy Olson Jeremy Olson

    Thanks for the awesome detailed feedback, Bill. We'll play around with it!

    over 1 year ago

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