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Daily ZODIAC Sketch - #3 - Pisces

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Daily [Zodiac] Sketch 3

Pisces - February 19th - March 20th × Water × The Fish

Real talk. This was done like two days ago, but with traveling to Making Midwest, horrible internet connections to try to transfer my design files out of the iPad, and just general ‘jet-lag’, it’s being posted now. :) That’s why these are “Sometimes” Daily Sketches 😅😉. And Real Talk Point Number 2: this one totally didn’t come out how I wanted it to, but in the spirit (which I obviously need to verbally remind myself of constantly) of ‘sketches’, it’s done! No revisions here! I’m living a crazy and wild life! *sarcasm*

You’ll also notice that the dates are different from where Aquarius left off. I realized that a lot to the dates I was looking at were different, so I’ve decided to use Sanctuary as a reference for months/day. I’m very self-aware of not being perfect, ha. But, I’m totally more than happy to call myself out so that I remember not to let it happen again!!

See the black and white version, plus close ups on my Instagram

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