Simon Birky Hartmann

I love vintage diagrams so much, so I got a few more together.

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Guys. I like geometric, vintage diagrams very, very much. So I assembled another set of them.

This new one features over 270 assets, taken from a German treaty on geometrical drawing, and perspective techniques, published in 1525.

They are exquisite–some are simple, some are complex, they can be layered together to make even cooler assemblies. They are good to be used as background pieces, center pieces, and everything in between.

Want to see things a bit closer? The attachments are there for that.

- 270+ assets
- Beautifully aged vectors
- Available in Ai, EPS, and PDF formats

Curious about the typefaces I've used in the hero shots, and as annotations? They are part of the FoundFont™ collection, crafted by @Andy Hayes, which is available right here on Creative Market:

Like the aging seen in the hero shots, and preview assets for the product, and want to emulate that in your own work? I have good news! These were made with my photocopy noise, and vector noise textures:
- Photocopy noise textures, volume 01:
- Photocopy noise textures, volume 02:
- Vector noise textures, volume 01:
- Vector noise textures, volume 04:


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