Note: First things first. @Nathan Riley made that magical prism 👏👏👏CPNR collab dream come true. He's such a great dude. Everything he touches turns to magic ❤️ big shout out. Go follow him and the rest of the @green chameleon crew.

Welcome to Design Social Club!

The global social club for creatives. DSC is an inclusive, community-run, owned and represented by the design community. DSC is not associated and does not represent the opinions or interests of any company or corporation.

A comfortable place for creatives to socialise, make new friends, share ideas, ask questions openly and thrive. A true representation of the global design community, free from discrimination and prejudices.

We have very few rules as we believe that our members are true designers that are empathetic by nature. Inappropriate or inflammatory behavior will result in a permanent ban from the club. We have a zero-tolerance policy on racism, sexism, or otherwise offensive behavior.

Have fun, be nice, make friends, spread love — do cool stuff! Enjoy.

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Posted on Jul 29, 2019
Charles Patterson
Hey, you're awesome! ✌️❤️

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