Aleksandra Milosavljevic

MAXIMA | Maxidecor Sahara&Velvet

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Client: Maxima doo, Serbia
Fandeck: Maxidecor Sahara&Velvet
Photo: Vladimir Pavlovic

Full project is on the link below.

MAXDECOR Sahara is a special effects paint of superb quality made on basis of water dispersion of acrylic binder, fillers, special additives and special effect pigments. MAXIDECOR Sahara is a washable coating with good water vapour permeability, harmless to people and environment, easy to apply. It is used for protection and decoration of interior walls surfaces where an exciting and dynamic appearance is desired. It can be tinted in MAXIMIX system in accordance with MAXIDECOR Sahara colour chart.​​​​​​​

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