Matthew Kochakian

Neuralink Go App

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I enjoyed hearing about Neuralink's progress last week. One under-highlighted in my opinion is the possibility of connection between our mind and our devices in the future-- if we can connect our keyboards, why can't we eventually connect our security systems or our cars?

To that end, I have created some mockups to show how this would work. You see here an interface similar to the image shared last week, but different in that it shows connections to actual devices outside of your keyboard or mouse.

An interesting thing that I stumbled upon is the need for a new command language to interact with this future. I've written these commands as :COMMAND: ... the idea is that you would "think" of the command to activate it.

It's so far off into the future, but you can imagine that if indeed we can control our keyboard with our mind, one day we can control our Teslas or unlock our homes or even make a call with our minds.

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