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The Lake Outfitter

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The Lake Outfitter strokes logo branding

Every now and then I get bored and look at design contest sites (yes I know how bad they are) for things that catch my eye. I look for a name and a brief that instantly gives me a clear idea in my head. This was one jumped out of water to me... Going to be adding a few more versions... stay tuned.

Here is a copy/paste of the brief...

"Slogan: Keep It Fresh"

"What We Do: We are selling shirts, hats, can holders, and car decals with an actual picture of each lake shape. Target audience are people who live on the lake, vacation at the lake, spend their weekends boating at the lake, love to fish, wakeboard, etc."

"Our Ideas and Additional Information: I want something simple but makes a statement. I want a logo with the text "The lake outfitter" under it, probably all caps. I want the logo to be able to be used without the text as well though. We are using the funtauna font for some of our merch!

As for the actual logo, I'd like a graphic of some sort. Something with water. Something that makes a shape, like a circle or square. I don't want mountains because not all lakes have mountains. I don't want it to look too ocean-y though. I am not opposed to an animal in the logo - bird, dog, etc. Not opposed to a boat or canoe. Not opposed to a boat or canoe or dock. I want something easy to embroider, so no stars in the sky."

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