Daily UI 004 - Calculator

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I actually planned this one on the same day as Daily UI 003 due to scheduling conflicts (shhhh). So it's MyFitnessPal again, but this time showing the logged-in calorie counter.

I thought it'd be fun to visualize the data, and especially fun to viscerally feel how many calories you've consumed vs. got remaining for the day. Of course, it's entirely possible that you would have a different daily limit than 1600, but it's a super convenient number for grids like this. So 1600 it is, for now.

Please note... I haven't really thought through how you would:
• log new entries
• delete or edit logs
• view trends over a date range
• view other nutritional info
• heck, see what date you're on

But hey, it's just a quick exercise.

Also, shoutout to tight-knit women-driven online communities like r/1200isfineiguessugh. I've been spending more time in those lately, and they are... such a breath of fresh air.

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