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There's a SaaS for everything—if you're thinking of it, someone's already making it. If you're making it, there's a version of it in the market right now.
In the midst of all this hullabaloo of apps and their advertisements and their features and their content, one teeny-tiny icon represents your product. 
Honestly, it's DO OR DIE out there. Survival of the fittest. The point is, you cannot be the same as everyone else. You cannot go generic, bland and already done. You need to be unique. You need to stand out.
But how do you be different while being similar?
POSITIONING. This is all about your customers. How they see you. What you need to chop-chop and what you need to expand to fit their idea of you. 
I help SaaS companies improve their positioning and messaging to acquire and retain more customers.

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