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Enclave is much more than an app, it is a community.
We are a community that empowers you and allows you to generate relationships and friendships that will change your life. We are a safe and exclusive space where you will feel comfortable meeting and interacting with other members who are like you: intelligent, ambitious and interesting.
We offer you the opportunity to meet people similar to you in a selective and limited way. You will meet the right people without going through the stressful process of asking yourself, who will they be?
We handle the entire screening process through the use of artificial intelligence and identity verification. You will only receive profiles that match your preferences, leave the worries to us! We know your time is valuable and we don't want you to settle. You will belong to a select group that will have access to the most exclusive social and networking events in Lima. The experiences we organize are designed for you, you just enjoy!

Be Selective:

Enclave is much more than an app. It is a safe community that allows you to meet people with interests, ambitions, and preferences similar to yours. We know your time is valuable and we don't want you to settle.
There are many people to meet, but we want to help you find the ideal one for you.  

Feel safe:

We assure you that the person you will see is who he says he is. Leave the worries to us. Always thinking of you, we take care of reviewing each of the profiles through artificial intelligence and identity verification.
By connecting your Instagram, your profile can only be seen by people who reflect your preferences.  
We seek to help you minimize any type of stress, trust us and we promise to help you find your ideal person safely.

Be Exclusive:

Find people like you in one place.  Be part of a unique and limited community.
You will be one of the lucky ones to enjoy preferential access to social and networking VIP events from day one.

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