Osmar Axel Rivera Mejia

VDI: Veracruz

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Today is Friday of illustration, and better still, it touches on a topic that involves the culture that I love so much, and it is neither more nor less than the Mexican one. <3

The theme chosen by @minervagm was typical costumes and it really was a challenge for me to select from a varied world of cultures and micro cultures with their respective traditions, passing through my native Puebla, Guadalajara, and some ideas that seemed extraordinary to me, but the selection had a more internal and personal background.

In my university stay in the capital city of Puebla, I have met many people from many parts of the republic, but personally no one has seemed more pleasant and warm than the people of Veracruz, so I decided to dedicate this Friday of illustration to my friends, teachers, acquaintances, colleagues, illustrators and all kinds of people with whom I have had the pleasure of living together.

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