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More people should be rebounding this, ya slackers. Gave myself an hour, thought it might be fun.

1. #830000: Also known as dark red, or something of that nature.
2. 27: The day of my birth. Also, the background for that tile is #272727. Man, I'm killin' it.
3. @luckyshirt: One of the funniest dudes on Twitter, that's for sure.
4. Jack Daniel's: Whiskey's a food, right?
5. Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand: In 90's-music-reminisce-mode at the moment, and can't get enough of Cornell's voice on this track. Yeah, I know, Soundgarden doesn't have a break in it, wanna fight about it?
6. iPhone: Rarely further than an arm's length away.
7. Evolve & Love: As always.
8. I don't really: But I do enjoy women. That's hardly a secret though.

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