Roger Rackaron

Bank of America: Desktop

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Bank of America launched a marketing campaign last year using the question "What would you like the power to do?" This is meant to express the bank's role as a partner and investor in customers and communities. Marketing aside, a bank's purpose should be about helping you achieve your financial goals, whatever those may be.

For this concept, the focus is on a redesigned web experience for managing credit card debt. The majority of space is taken up by a visual representation of spending for the current period. This makes it easy to see trends, due dates, and where you stand with your balance for any given day. Highlighting expected charges based on historical patterns is a useful feature. There are also "insight" cards to call attention to areas of high spending or to help avoid interest.

The goal is to give customers the power to: monitor their spending, minimize interest payments, plan for upcoming charges and pay down debt as fast as possible. All part of Bank of America's stated purpose of empowering customers.

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