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The Health Informatics Service is a large organisation with over 200 employees working on a variety of projects for their customers. However, because social media and the ability to share work is not embedded in the organisation, knowing what members of staff are working on that provides value to their customers becomes impossible. This, therefore, means that those projects and the staff members involved do not get the recognition they deserve. This could mean that the morale of staff could be adversely affected as they do not feel as if their work is being noticed.

My proposed solution was to create an app that allows staff to submit what they have been working and gain coins as a reward. To show how the content submitted by staff would be processed and reviewed an admin dashboard was designed and prototyped. Alongside this, to provide further explanation around how and why the app should be used an email mock-up was created which would be sent staff-wide.

This project was undertaken to investigate how social media can be embedded in an organisation using The Health Informatics Service as the client for this project. Although further development and testing is required and has been the limiting factor on this project due to skill, time and financial restraints it can be seen the end project does provide a suitable solution for The Health Informatics Service to aid in embedding social media into their organisation with very few barriers. The extent of how much this app will get used is however debatable and unknown as the product at this stage is just a prototype and even though the survey sample was suitable it doesn’t provide clear results and statistics of usage with it just being a prototype and not a fully developed app.
πŸ“ See the attached PDF to read my full write up of this project.

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