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Smart Faucet goes into production!

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Smart Faucet goes into production! smarthome industrial design

My goal was to design a smart faucet that would minimize the environmentally destructive impacts of wasting water in residential homes.

Over a year ago, a colleague of mine embarked on a massive personal project. He is building an austere modern home in Toronto at a cost of $32.1 million dollars. He wanted to spare no expense when it came to the interior finishes. His request was that the finishes be utilitarian, modern and ecologically friendly.
The following design offers utility and convenience by using computer vision and a new display that can recognize several distinct hand gestures.

The faucet is controlled by a recessed display and features 4 controllable jets that can control water flow more precisely and mitigate waste. The faucet monitors water delivery to study long-term water consumption patterns.

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