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Small Changes, Big Impact

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Small individual actions add up — never doubt the impact one person can have.

Everything you choose to support through your purchases and lifestyle impacts our planet. What you choose NOT to spend your money on is equally impactful 💪

I’ve created a long list of simple swaps you can make to reduce your footprint and help the environment. Whether you want to go full-on plastic-free, or just start making small swaps, I found it helpful to have some guidance along the way. You can download it here 💚

Even one small change at a time can make a major shift in your life and perspective, and can lead to some massive changes for the environment. Download the PDF full of links to products and start making changes in your kitchen, closet, bathroom, laundry room, and on the go.

I’ve spent months compiling these tips and links from many sources. I am not sponsored by any of these companies, nor will I receive anything from your purchases. if you have additional suggestions or edits you’d like to recommend, please send them my way!

I’d love to hear which swaps you’ve already made and which you’re excited to try next! 💚🌏 I’m in the process of making all of these changes as well 🙂

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