Website Launch!


After a lot of work, my site has finally launched!

With a bunch of new or refurbished icons in the gallery and a new post on icon lighting in the blog, I'd encourage you to give it a look. It's retina-ready with every image at high-resolution, and was entirely hand-coded by myself. It is going to be the hub of my work, a central place where I can put icons, greet clients, and write articles, lessons, and tutorials about the work I love.

Wil Nichols was a massive help throughout the process; he helped me get a bunch of the tech stuff working and offered great advice all around. Jack Bach gave me an incredibly useful lesson about jquery scripting. Eli Schiff, Kyle Adams, and several other friends on skype, twitter, and AIM offered suggestions on the evolving designs and encouraged me to make things clearer, cleaner, and more beautiful. My followers on dribbble and twitter, of course, have been responsible for encouraging me to keep going as an artist throughout this entire process: giving me advice, recommending me to clients, and generally being awesome. Thanks so much, guys.

Oh, and, I made some cake to celebrate. Enjoy :)

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