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Fintech App – Reset PIN (CUI)

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This is a continuation of the series that started last week..

Making major changes in your bank account through the mobile app can be a huge pain, since it requires a detailed authorization, including taking a picture of your ID and of your face. Resetting a PIN serves here as an example. The challenge was to make the process as painless as it can be.

And so I’ve decided to experiment with an imitation of a Conversational User Interface. And I know that CUI is an object of hot debate nowadays, as studies show that smart chatbots are… well, not so smart. And that’s why I’ve used the word “imitation” – what you see is not a real conversation, but rather a predefined set of questions and answers for users to provide in order to achieve the desired goal. I believe, that presenting it to the user in the form of a “conversation” makes the whole process more streamlined and simplified, free from distractions and doubts. And also, a little more human.

Stay tuned for a link to a GitHub repo, with a live demo of this application. The link is going to be posted here, soon.

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