Dan Blessing

ZFL | Scorpio Stingers Concept Sketch

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ZFL | Scorpio Stingers Concept Sketch icon aggressive minimalistic star bold sports branding identity branding sports logo logo design logo sketching procreate badge astrology scorpio scorpion league football zodiac

Concept sketch of the Scorpio Stingers, the 8th team of the Zodiac Football League.
This little fella is fierce and relentless. The goal was to design a logo that captured those aforementioned attributes and create a bold, clean look that rendered the visual identity flexible and timeless.
For colors, as the 3rd and final Water Divisional team, I originally wanted to use a cool, water palette but the Pisces Sharks and the Cancer Crustaceans have already monopolized that palette so I wanted to go in a different direction. I am thinking charcoal and orange, with a light orange tinted white for the highlights. My thought process for this is that, the Scorpio sign falls on Halloween and the orange helps characterize the relentless and fierce traits.
What do you think of the structure? Does the rationale for the color palette make sense?

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