Christiaan Lourens

Postcards from Paris (1920, 2019, 2050)

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The project asks the question: if a person from the 1960's were thrown into an old part of Paris, say in the 2050's, would they realise they were in the Paris of the future? Or would they need visual cues to enforce the idea of a more modern society?

My work uses images of Paris from my own archive aged and distorted with Photoshop ultimately distorting the look of an image taken with a modern digital camera. To this I add found images of women from 1960's Paris images, I found an amazing photographer Marilyn Stafford who focused on models in Paris in the 1960's placing them in everyday situations in stead of glamorous bourgeois locations (Her images were used in: See You in Paris, Paris When it Sizzles and The City of Light). Lastly I added digital artefacts and a gazing mirror to represent the futuristic aspect as visual cues in my work.

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